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I’m a slow-slacker when it comes to music videos, like six months later-late, but I heard there was a new kid cudi video for day&nite, and I youtubed.  Instead I found this..  and fell in love, these damn British imports are grrrrreat:


what do you think?

now i’m REALLY gonna watch this kid cudi video


I just saw the video, actually I saw the original UK version first which was super thumbs down, he even said:

“I felt that the video made me look like a doofus,”

then I watched the newer and improved video:

much better!  this one used cartoon images and layered them on top of the live footage, and it made me think of this crrrazy invite that Diesel put out last year. 


you’re re-playing it aren’t you?!?



sunday is also fun-day!

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Our clocks moved forward one hour on Sunday morning, I sacrificed that hour of sleep for an hour of sunshine!  Who am I kidding it was a Sunday so I REAALLY slept in (2pm).  I got a call from my first love Arlene and we caught up with a little stroll down Queen Street, then I got a call from my favourite brampton natives Royale&Chauntel inviting me for dinner, we decided to go for wings.  Now when you go for wings on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, there is really only ONE place to go, and that’s WHEATSHEAF at King & Bathurst (yes with the moose outside) half priced wings baby!  

 From there we headed to go see Times Neue Roman (TNR) perform at Sneaky Dee’s, this was my first time seeing them perform and I was suuuuper impressed.  TNR is Robert Bolton aka Arowbe accompanied by Alexander Punzalan Junior, and Dj Mensa on the turntables.  Now if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Arowbe he’s an amazing fella, loved by many:

(I found this written in the ladies bathroom at Revival… true story!)

but he always came across as a little “shy” to me; don’t let him fool you –  BOY IS NOT SHY!  He has crazy charisma on the stage and makes the girls scream (yes me included.. lol).  Briefly “Times Neue Roman perform nintendo-punk-rap-music with the general tone and attitude of teenage immortality.”

As the host said “We see arial and helvetica used so often, let’s give it up for Times Neue Roman..” haha!

Here’s a clip of one of their crazy performances during last year’s nuit blanche:



This Sunday has definitely been one of the “best fun-days ever!!’  Thanks guys… 

support your local artists!!


Can I be your Sunday?

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I absolutely love Sundays. It’s my day of rest…or the day I like to kick back and chill either alone, with the fam or the selected few I call friends.

I don’t know about you, but one of the greatest feelings and my fave past times…has got to be sleeping in on a Sunday.

Watch this next video…(close relevance being sleep??) whatever, I thought it was pretty cool 😀


a jillicious surprise!

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More love and thank yous to all the amaaazing people in my life!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with my nearest and dearest,

yes, in addition to 2GIRLS1CAKE.

It started with my *free* lunch at Casey’s, for those of you that don’t know you get a free meal on your birthday at all Casey’s restaurants!  Dope! 

An amazing and much needed dinner reunion with my fabulous five:

IMG_6278.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Then like every Thursday, we went over to Octopus Lounge for Social Experiment.  Here’s where I get a little honest, I was really hoping to end off my birthday with a bit of a *BANG* at Social Experiment, but the men of the team did not seem so open to spoiling me with another party (I know harsh right?)  So needless to say, I was a somewhat unenthused to head over there.  Little did I know that they had a BIG surprise up their sleeves!  They planned a special guest DJ to throwdown a set for me!! YAAAAY!  So special thanks to DJ P-PLUS for agreeing to be my surprise, and of course Cheryl, Taurean and Dustin for organising this for me, and also putting up with my diva-ish behaviour 😛 

Here are a few pics from that night:

jillicious& my “surprise” P-Plus

IMG_6315.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

P-Plus, Polo, Lenny, DjO? (happy belated)

IMG_6306.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG


IMG_6283.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

more surprise

IMG_6286.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

 Taboo & Jenni

IMG_6308.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Marvel & friend 

 IMG_6303.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

 Cat & Taurean

IMG_6316.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

 Gil & friends

IMG_6302.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Gisella, jillicious & Arlene

IMG_6281.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Safari & Frekkls

IMG_6314.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

 happy in plaid

 IMG_6304.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

 Jenni & Taurean

IMG_6313.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

*crowd shot*

 IMG_6290.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

jillicious, Gisella, Arlene & Jenni

 IMG_6280.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Jody & Friends

IMG_6299.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

peace sign enthusiasts

IMG_6300.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Joy & Polo

IMG_6318.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG


The rest of my weekend was spent at

2000 til

Joy & jillicious

IMG_6323.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Sharifa, jillicious & Vondelia

IMG_6321.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Sweet Tears


IMG_6325.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

jillicious, Joy & Toff

IMG_6326.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Parkdale Drink

Joy & Jocelyn

IMG_6327.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Dj’s Tabs & Mensa

IMG_6331.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

and finally Brunch with the family!

IMG_6343.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

jhaslene ty

IMG_6341.jpg picture by 2GIRLS1BLOG

Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday a VERY memorable one!




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it’s a party!

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Hey Everyone,

It’s finally here! Tonight we celebrate our birthdays and the launch of our blog.

2 GIRLS 1 CAKE (no sh!t)

We’re also very fortunate to have a few amazing giveaways for tonight courtesy of: Lounge Clothing, Prizefighter, Grand Groove, and Dual Phoenix Catering!

Harlem Lounge
67 Richmond Street East @ Church

Arrive Early!

Thanks and see you tonite!


DJ MENSA – city champ

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The Toronto Edition of The Redbull 3Style challenge took place on Thursday, February 12th at the Mod Club. Contenders were judged who will represent Toronto in the Canadian finals on creativity, track selection, skills, stage presence and audience response.

Our Mission: Support Our Boy…
His Mission: Make Us Proud!
Mission Accomplished

BIG congrats to our 3style winner DJ MENSA!

Here are few pictures from that night:

Here’s a little teaser of his crazy set: